Why Realism is Dead

Arts are again fighting a tough battle for realism. Reality can no longer be said to be unique due to the numerous ways to produce and disseminate fake news, fake stories, fake biographies. Art remains a form of truth that precedes reality and shapes it at a given moment in time.

Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Turin, above as taken from a public webcam in daylight, allows observers to build their own infinite, single-subject catalog from their own sofa, taking pictures at different time of the day as if painting different techniques and tones. Photography has killed figurative arts by allowing almost unlimited producibility. In addition, the same infinite catalog can be transmigrated nowadays to any style for free in the internet, through websites like deepart.io with the three samples below.

Infinite combinations are now possible, but why? What do they signal, exactly? Why are they relevant? In truth, there is nothing new in these, moments are wasted within the already known experience of mankind. Nothing emerges: they are trash. They are timeless and dead. Time needs to be put back into action so that each work is given unique meaning through a single, hand-crafted object produced by a single artist coming from a unique socio-cultural background that lives through his/her given body.

Life is a temporary, exceptional state, not a collection of dead objects. This is why the art generated by Artificial Intelligence algorithms is fraudulent, even when it sells for hundred thousand dollars as in the case of that portrait at the end of 2018, gone for $432k at Christie’s and slated even by the progressive Guardian newspaper.

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